Frequently asked questions


Where will my house keys be kept?

Your keys will be kept locked in a secure place when not in use.  They won't be labelled with your name or address. There will be the added benefit of having a key holder for your keys in the event that you lose yours!

How will I know you've walked my dog?

If requested, we'll provide you with a screen shot of the route, time and distance covered via a walking app. We'll even send you a photo via Whatsapp if required.  Anything to give you peace of mind. Walks will take place in the middle of the day unless requested otherwise.

What if it rains?

We'll still be walking.  Dogs don't generally notice the weather and still need walking.  We'll bring them back home towel dried and happy.

What if my pet is ill or injured?

We're canine first aid trained and will call to advise you of any problems and if necessary will take your animal to your vet for treatment.  Please note that we will not pay for treatment.

Are you insured?

Yes.  We have full Public Liability Insurance.